Bank Nifty Futures Frustrating Trend Followers

Bank Nifty Futures Daily Charts

Thats 18 Days of Frustration. If you ask me to rate the frustration level, then i would punch 8 on the scale of 10. Thats high volatility frustration benefits mostly Day timeframe traders and definitely not the higher timeframe trend followers!

Simply Bank Nifty lacks aggressive momentum buyers for this month so far.

Bank Nifty Futures 15minute charts

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  • Jignesh Patel Link Reply

    Yes you are correct i trade bank stocks and they too are trading sideways and in a small range since the start of the December dec series never got a single trade and i trade lower time frames, though there have been days like these but not so much, with such short ranges usually these markets are followed by bigger moves later on so fingers cross and hope we might get a good move with good strength on the trend

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