Nifty Futures Does a Short Squeeze Post FED Rate Hike

Nifty Futures 1min Charts

Nifty Futures opened a gap down of 68 points post the FED rate hike sentiment. Yesterday FED Chairman Janet Yellen delivers a 25bps rate hike for the first time in 2016 and US Equity Markets reacted negatively and that reflects in sgx nifty sentiment as well in the morning trade.

However Nifty Futures opened gap down of 68 points and made the bottom in the very first minute itself and reacted against the participants sentiment followed by a strong intraday short squeeze of 141 points from the intraday low of 8123.6 (Nifty December Futures)

Nifty Futures Market Profile Charts

Bank Nifty 1-minute Charts
Bank Nifty also done a similar short squeeze and it got bottomed out in the very first minute post the gap down open.

Post the Squeeze India VIX is down by 6.2% trading at 15.64

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