[Stats] Why People Use Social Media/ News Aggregator for News?

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism a UK-based research centre done a survey and focus group evidence this year about why many people are turning to social networks and news aggregator for online news. From the survey data, the key reasons given relate to both speed of update and convenience in bringing multiple sources into one place. Respondents feel that aggregator do a better job of providing quick and easy access to a variety of news sources, but prefer social networks for interactivity.

Videographic from Digital News Report 2016

The Study also reveals that Television news still remains most important for older groups but overall usage has continued to decline, particularly for ‘appointment to view’ bulletins and amongst younger groups. In terms of devices, smartphone usage for news is sharply up, reaching half of our global sample (53%), while computer use is falling and tablet growth is flattening out.

Across our entire sample, half (51%) say they use social media as a source of news each week. Around one in ten (12%) say it is their main source. Facebook is by far the most important network for finding, reading/watching, and sharing news.

Trust in news is highest in Finland (65%) and lowest in Greece (20%). Almost everywhere, editors and journalists are trusted less than news organisations.

Listen to more key findings here

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