Market Sentiment : Nifty 8000PE does 400% returns in a matter of Just 2 Days

Nifty 8000PE – 1min charts

Nifty 8000PE Dec series opened yesterday(Wednesday) on a negative note and tested an intraday low of 15.55 on the very first minute of market open since then it had surged to a high of 63.85 i.e returns more than x4 times or 400%.

Nifty futures opened positively and made a intraday high of 8124.5 on the very first minute after the market open, since then it had crashed down below 8000 and made a intraday low of 7975.15 i.e approx 150 points in a matter of just 2 days with low volatility.

India VIX too spiked +5.76% and ended at 15.55

Nifty Futures 1min Charts

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  • Akshay Hire Link Reply

    But that is exactly bottom to top move, how many would have actually earned that 400%, let alone 400% most of traders would not have made half of it. Even if you got in at the bottom you will miss the top & vice versa.

    • Rajandran R Link Reply

      Motive is to understand the market sentiment not to time it. Everyone knows that probability is ultra low!

      • Satya Link Reply

        Liked your clear and clean talk.

        • Satya Link Reply

          When you see the EOD charts you feel you could have made lots of money. But you don’t trade in the opening hours for fear of reversals. With modified announcing other measures to track black money the sentiment definitely is negative.

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