US Market – Long Term Bubble Formation

Image Credit – Financial Crisis Observatory

US Market Closed Near to All time High – NASDAQ hits all time high.

US Market S&P500 – DS-LLPL bubble end flag, long term time scale indicates positive value. The DS-LPPL bubble indicator suggests a future drop and/or higher volatility. The red marks diagnose positive bubbles, associated with upward accelerating prices, which are susceptible to regime change in the form of crashes or volatile sideway plateaus.

Spike in DSLPPL – Long Term Positive Bubble $SPX. Past History is bit noisy though.

Image Credit – Option Strategist

Equity only Weighted PCR via Option Strategist at the extreme which indicates that entire wall street is bullish at this moment and WTD PCR is a cyclical indicator currently at the overbought zone any moment it can turn to sell mode.

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